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Development release: ldap-utils v0.3

November 12, 2000 3:09:23 A.M.

ldap-utils v0.3 pre-alpha was released on 2000-Nov-12 15:00, it contains new utilities luausermod, luagroupadd, and luagroupdel, which allow one to modify user accounts, and add or delete groups, respectively.


Development release: ldap-utils v0.2

October 2, 2000 3:32:57 A.M.

ldap-utils v0.2 pre-alpha was released on 2000-Oct-01 17:00, it contains a new utility luaid which allows one to search the LDAP directory for a specified user account and it reports the identifier fields in manner of the standard unix id utility.


Development release: ldap-utils v0.1pre

September 29, 2000 5:32:57 P.M.

ldap-utils v0.1 pre-alpha was released on 2000-Sep-20 17:00, it includes luauseradd, and luauserdel which allow one to create and remove LDAP user accounts.  These utilities match the functionality of the respective shadow-utils applications.  This package errors on make, however this can be ignored, and one should continue with a standard installation.